Monday, 20 September 2010

Good Morning, Mr Cohen

It's raining, Vancouver, which isn't surprising or even a cause for upset. Being from a clammy, grey mushroom of a city means a few things: a) people scatter outside like extreme sports junkies on meth whenever it is sunny and b) when it is grey and cold and normal we stay indoors and stew in our own depressive juices.

So this morning I give to you my ultimate rainy day song: Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

I watched about 10 versions of this video before finding a perfect one, and so I apologize for the wee ad at the beginning. I also noticed that as time passed, this song got much better. Watching the peppy 1980's versions were nearly unbearable. I like his aged, gravelly senior citizen voice much better- it fills this racy Biblical love tale with more angst somehow, but like, really grown up, wise angst.

One last thing: Isn't there more than a passing resemblance between Leonard Cohen and my dearest Anthony Bourdain? That may explain the crush I am rapidly nursing toward the curmudgeonly septuagenarian. Hm.

Just sayin'.